All About Addingham Parish Council

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Addingham Parish Council came into being in 1894 when the village became part of Skipton Rural District. In the reorganisation of 1974 it was moved under the umbrella of Bradford Metropolitan District Council. The Council comprises eleven elected members. Elections are held every 4 years, usually on the same day as that year’s District Council elections. The next election will be in 2011.

The Council meets monthly, usually on the third Wednesday of the month, apart from in August. Meetings are usually held in the Old School (above the library) in Main Street. All  these meetings are open to the public, and anyone wishing to raise an issue regarding village affairs may address the meeting (with the Chairman’s permission). Regular Council Surgeries are held (usually the Saturday morning before the monthly Council meeting) – details are published in the news and events page on this site, in the Council newsletter, and on notice-boards around the village.


Although the Council has limited statutory authority it does have a very powerful and persuasive part to play in influencing Bradford Metropolitan Council in making decisions that concern Addingham. Its involvement stretches from footpath maintenance to commenting on planning applications, input to wider reviews such as the Unitary Development Plan Inquiry and traffic control measures such as speed limits and parking restrictions throughout the village. The Council also supports many local sporting and social organisations. Councillors are not elected on a party political platform, and so all debates and decisions are based on what Councillors believe will be most beneficial for the village and its residents.

The Aims and Objectives of the Parish Council:-

1. Look after the interests of the village for the residents of Addingham.
2. Act on behalf of Addingham residents in disputes with Bradford council.
3. Scrutinise all the new documentation for any problems or links to Addingham.
4. Act as a an arbiter in disputes between Addingham residents.
5. Check the latest planning applications for extensions and additional building work for any problems.

Quality Parish Council Status

The Quality Parish and Town Council scheme was launched in June 2003, following the publication of the Government’s Rural White Paper, 2000. The scheme is designed to provide benchmark minimum standards for parish and town councils, and enable them to better represent the communities they serve. The scheme also aims to enhance relationships between local councils, principal authorities and community and voluntary sector organisations.

In order to achieve Quality Status, parish and town councils must demonstrate that they have reached the standard required by passing several tests including;

  • Having 80% of seats filled by elected candidates
  • Having a suitably qualified clerk
  • Holding regular meetings
  • Having a website
  • Publishing a regular newsletter
  • Publishing audited accounts
  • Adopting the Code of conduct

Addingham Parish Council is working hard to achieve these objectives. In the past year we have met several of the criteria for the first time. The tests exceed the statutory duties of parish and town councils and represent the standards that an efficient, well run parish council should achieve.

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